University Union, 2nd Floor
1155 Union Cir, Denton, TX 76203
Thursday, March 23

*Allergens: We take food safety very seriously, but because our food is prepared in a kitchen where allergens are present, cross-contact is possible. If you have a severe food allergy, we recommend consulting with the manager before eating, or visiting our Big-8-Allergen-Free Dining Hall, Kitchen West.

Menus subject to change: We strive to provide an accurate snapshot of what we're serving. Avesta recipes are made fresh in small batches using seasonal ingredients, so items listed above may occasionally vary from what is served. Please feel free to give us a call at 940-369-8284 to inquire about today's menu. We look forward to serving you.

Name | [] -- BREAKFAST --|35|BREAKFAST| [500693] Biscuits and Gravy|35|| [231003] Brown Sugar Oatmeal|35|| [850076] Clark Bakery Pastries|35|| [500305] Crispy Bacon|35|| [500666] Crispy Shredded Hashbrowns|35|| [451089] Fresh Fruit|35|| [500686] Herbed Egg Scramble|35|| [500699] Omelets Made to Order|35|| [500306] Sizzling Breakfast Sausage|35|| Name | [] -- SOUP --|05|LUNCH| [557053] Chalakiles (Red Chicken Soup)|05|| [] -- ENTREE --|15|| [557048] Beef Kelaguen (Beef & Rice)|15|| [557047] Fish Lolo (Fish Stewed in Coconut Milk)|15|| [557046] Papaya Chicken & Coconut Milk|15|| [] -- NON --|25|| [500913] Avesta Mac & Cheese VEG|25|| [557050] Eggplant & Pumpkin Bake|25|| [557049] Green PawPaw (Papaya) Curry|25|| [557052] Pineapple Fried Rice|25|| [557051] Sweet Potato & Plaintain Salad|25|| Name | [] -- DINNER FOR TWO --|45|DINNER FOR 2| [557048] Beef Kelaguen (Beef & Rice)|45|| [557050] Eggplant & Pumpkin Bake|45|| [557051] Sweet Potato & Plaintain Salad|45||